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Very late posts! [25 Mar 2007|09:29pm]

...from sataniccamel Welcome! :0D

Well, when I say very late posts, I mean I was supposed to make these posts on her behalf several months ago and have been a bit swamped! However, here they are, and hopefully we will have more posts from sataniccamel soon! :0)

Chocolata :
Ima cafe on Shortland St (let me check) is a cool little trendy place filled
with yuppies. While the food is nice, I wouldn't recommend eating there as
a sandwiche (I had moroccan lamb in Turkish pide) for $8.50. And it was
pre-made. So no. Also, don't try the pre-packaged dessert. We tried the
berry and custard brioche. It was yuk. The pastry tasted uncooked and the
filling was very bland. No. BUT go there for the chocolata (sm $4.50,
large $5) which is a hot chocolate made with 72% chocolate. Not very sweet.
Also comes in mocha form. Best part - little bits of melted choc at the
bottom of the cup. Also, the owner guy (big guy with Eastern European
accent) was lovely and gave us the big cup for the price of a small one...

Lindt balls :
Comes in a variety of flavours - normal, white, mint,
hazelnut, dark (72%), mixture box and a special Christmas mixed box with
coffee, raspberry, orange, cinammon. Okay, the best way to eat these lovely
treats is, in my humble opinion, to let them sit in the sun for about 5min.
Then pop them in your mouth without biting. They then explode in a bang of
melted goodness. I like the dark chocolate ones the best, because they're
not too sweet. And as recent scientific reports suggest, dark chocolate is
actually very good for you! Which means, it's not just frivolous spending of
money on sweets, it's actually an investment for your coporeal future... Go

NB: Lindt reindeers are basically Lindt bunnies with a different outfit...
Good all the same.

Ricoccino :
Ricoccino has been well-advertised. On top of that, they were really hard
to find so when I finally tracked one down (in BP), I was very very happy.
There were many flavours to choose from - mocha, chocolate, coffee, caramel
etc. Kind of expensive at $3 a cup. I went with a mocha one and heated it
up in the uni microwave with great anticipation. Unfortunately, I was very
let down. Yes, it was frothy and creamy (froth took up about a quarter of
the cup). But the froth was salty. Yes, salty. According to my anonymous
ex-Fonterra friend (Ricoccino is a Fonterra product). The salt came from
the acidity stabilizer. So on top of the saltyness, when I got down to the
actual liquid bit, it did not taste like mocha. It tasted like very very
weak coffee. Basically, milk and sugar and a teaspoon of coffee....
Ricoccino is a no no!!!
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Butler's Investigated! [25 Mar 2007|09:25pm]

[ mood | full ]

Butler's Chocolate Cafe
Butler's Chocolate Cafe
We found Butler's chocolate shop by accident last weekend, and although we didn't stop for a coffee and a free hand made chocolate, we did buy one of their hazlenut crunch caramel bars... Mmm... yummy! Proper review coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy these pics plus a movie of the bar...
Click on the video icon above, and then when the gallery loads click on 'full size' to see the movie! Simple though it is, it took me all evening to work out how to put it together! (New software *LOL*) EDIT!! : I forgot to say that kalchaino took the photos and the movie you see here! I just put them together... :0)
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Butlers chocolate cafe [12 Mar 2007|09:26am]

Those of you who live in Wellington or visit often, don't forget to pop into Butlers Chocolate Cafe to sample one of their hot chocolates which are made not of cocoa powder/choc syrup but real melted chocolate mixed in with hot milk.  Having its original home in Ireland, the Wellington cafe is their only international franchise and I have heard on good authority that it is absolutely divine. 

You get a free handmade chocolate with your drink also.  Here is the website for the original irish store. 
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[08 Mar 2007|05:33pm]

nescafe publicity - but... read on.....

"Amaze your friends and family with a gorgeous chocolate dessert to round off your evening of entertaining. Nestlé has developed a selection of delectable baking recipes which you can find online at www.chocolaterecipes.co.nz. You could try the Chocolate Espresso Mousse, perfect for this time of year, or if you’d like something really special check out the Inspiration of the Month. You’ll also find an Advice Centre full of tips for cooking with chocolate, a glossary of common baking terms, and many more hints for creating a truly divine dessert."

haven't checked it out, but hey, it's choc, it can't be that bad.
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Music From The Chocolate Lands [18 Dec 2006|09:22am]


Music from the Chocolate Lands offers a rich selection of songs from the world’s chocolate producing countries.
Chocolate has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Used for medicinal and religious purposes, as well as for pleasure, traces of this “food of the gods” have been found in early Mayan pots dating back to 600 B.C.E. Europeans added sugar to the exotic concoction, and the chocolate craze gradually spread throughout the world. Now the cacao plant, which provides the raw cocoa beans for chocolate, is farmed in tropical locations around the globe, often far away from its Central and South American origins.

Music from the Chocolate Lands features a selection of songs as distinctive as chocolate’s history. This release includes music from the tropical countries that grow cocoa beans as well as collaborations with musicians from the European regions where chocolate-makers produce some of the world’s most appetizing chocolate products.

Africa, the world’s leading producer of cocoa beans, is represented by Dobet Gnahoré from the Ivory Coast and Toto Bona Lokua, a trio featuring artists from Congo, Cameroon and the French Caribbean island of Martinique. Also from the Caribbean are Haiti’s Beethova Obas, with “Rasanblé,” and the masterful Cuban trumpet player Chocolate Armenteros, whose song “Chocolate Sabroso” (Tasty Chocolate) is a perfect fit. Adrian Martínez and Andy Palacio, from the Central American country of Belize, provide a previously unreleased track. The collection also features songs by Ozomatli (USA/Mexico), Susana Baca (Peru), Marcantonio (Brazil), Susheela Raman (India) and Teresa Bright (Hawaii). The Belgian group Think of One teams up with Brazilian musicians to create a track that unites two important chocolate producing countries. Taffetas provides another truly unique collaboration, bringing together musicians from the West African country of Guinea Bissau and Switzerland, the land where milk chocolate was invented.

Music from the Chocolate Lands liner notes will be presented in English, French and Spanish and will include a recipe for a flourless chocolate torte and information on the history of chocolate around the world.
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The Memphis Meltdown Big Bikkies ice-cream - More is good. :0) [10 Dec 2006|11:55am]

Better than I expected! For once, just like the advertisement, there really were big chunks of oreo cookie, that were distributed fairly evenly throughout the cookies 'n cream ice cream. But on to the important part : the chocolate coating, as with all Memphis Meltdowns was beautiful and thick, with really crispy pieces of chocolate cookie that made it extra special! I am really glad this ice cream lived up to my chocolate ice-cream expectations as it took approximately a three-week hunt all over the city, dairy after dairy to find the last place that hadn't sold out of them!

On a related note : The new Tip Top special edition gingerbread ice cream is also definitely worth trying. It goes very well with chocolate sauce!
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Chocolate Scented Pencils! [27 Nov 2006|07:52pm]

These will keep you going at work until a tea break! Or make you want to gnaw at your stationery!
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[14 Nov 2006|04:41pm]

Last night I came one step closer to completing my mission of making lots of things from one of my cookbooks. It was an amazing chocolate fudge cake, which I've never made before, and had to give away alas to someone as a housewarming.

In my lunchbreak I visited the central library and found out that they are having a withdrawn book sale. I came across a book called 'Dip me in Chocolate' which I instantly snatched up and opened. And bought. It is an ENTIRE book of recipes for chocolate cakes (including the elusive and amazing hungarian dobros torte) and chocolate slices and Interesting Facts on chocolate and Chocolate in History…. I can hardly wait to read it in greater depth :-)
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Cadbury Snaps - CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!! [07 Nov 2006|05:23pm]

[ mood | amazed ]

As in Pringle-shaped potato chips! I have just tried them this second! There are several flavours, and I got to try the hazlenut flavour. They come in a rounded long box, and in the box the 'chips' are nestled in plastic dividers.

On one side the ships have a criss-cross pattern which must be from the mould, and the other side was all bumpy with little cripsy crunchy lumps of hazlenut.

Yum factor : 7/10 - perhaps a bit bland, and would like to try some of the other flavours before making a decision

Wow factor : 11/10, I mean come on, chocolate chips!!!

But what are they? Are they chips, chocolates, or very thin biscuits masquerading as all of the above? I am confused...

EDIT : Link to more info on the Cadbury website!

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Nestle Double Blend Hot Chocolate [18 Aug 2006|09:54am]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

New NESTLÉ DOUBLE BLEND Hot Chocolate is the perfect drink to wrap yourself around this winter. An exotically indulgent, frothy hot chocolate made from a blend of two of the world’s finest cocoas - West African and Ecuadorian - NESTLÉ DOUBLE BLEND Hot Chocolate is the hot chocolate for true chocolate lovers.

I know a lot of people have been complaining that this has been the coldest NZ winter for ages. What better thing to do than to warm your soul with a nice mug of hot chocolate. These days, ordering hot chocolate is not quite so simple - you can get all sorts of different variants - flavours? soy milk? trim?

Nestle has capitalised on their double blend (two types of cocoa) chocolate with this spin-off hot chocolate. For days when you are too busy to pop down to the cafe, why not try this perfectly good substitute?

What I like about it is that it comes in 4 flavours - original, hazelnut, caramel, mint to suit all tastes. The hazelnut is simply yummy (I note also that
Esquires is touting a "winter-special" which is the hazelnut hot chocolate). If however you don't like hazelnut, you probably wouldn't like this flavour as it is quite strong, not to mention there is a distintive nutty consistency fo your drink! (Great if you like that kind of thing...)

Just like in the picture on the box, they do froth up instantly when you add hot water. I personally like to add a little bit of milk but that is not necessary.

They come in a box filled with conveniently individually wrapped packages - one per serving.

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Foreign Kitkats! [08 Jun 2006|09:25pm]

Grape! Cherry blossom! Canada maple syrup! (made in Japan) Melon! Green Tea! Fruit Parfait!

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Add this to your Christmas Wishlist! [01 Jun 2006|06:12pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

The Deluxe Chocolate Fountain... hours of dipping fun!

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Pics of the Hazlenut Temptaion Bar! [08 Apr 2006|06:56pm]

I took these pics ages ago and you've all probably seen them by now, but just in case you haven't...

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[21 Mar 2006|08:46pm]

oh for a chilli denso

oh to live in germany where there is amazing chocolate flavours everywhere....

and why not an almond choc coated moritz magnum block while we're at it?!
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New Kitkats! [21 Mar 2006|12:59pm]

[ mood | calm ]

New Kitkats! There are gourmet ones, three different flavours. I have tried the coconut one, it is very good. The bar itself is divided in to little 'cups' joined together (sort of like the wonka bars with little hats joined together) and the coconut filling is more like a cream, rather than actual shredded coconut like a Bounty bar. Mmm... Next I will have to try the caramel. Honestly, just when you thought they couldn't invent anything better than a peanut-butter kitkat! :0D

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Chocolate recipes :0) A whole list! [28 Jan 2006|07:58pm]

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Chocolate and coffee-related links :0) [15 Jan 2006|12:12pm]

Go here and scroll down a little bit :0)

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Abdallah candies. [27 Nov 2005|02:07pm]

[ mood | calm ]


Thanks to one of my American lj friends I have been lucky enough to try some of these chocolates! They are delicious! I am also pleased to find that they have a website...

I have tried a miniature box of Milk Chocolate Alligators :


And just recently I have tried the Lake Country Chocolate rocks! These are like very very fancy m&ms, but the chocolate is beautiful and the candy coating is coloured to look like all different kinds of marble! Unfortunately I was not able to find a picture of these on the website, but if I don't eat them all first I will try and take a photo!

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You must try the new peanut butter kit kats! Go! Try them now! In light blue metallic wrappers! Post a comment when you have, and tell me what you thought!
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English Cadbury Chocolate... [03 Aug 2005|09:50am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

I have just heard from a reliable source that in Australia Cadbury's chocolate tastes different from English cadbury's because they put something it it to stop it from melting. Does anyone know if they do the same thing here? I am off to find some imported English Cadbury's so I can do a taste test... Mmmmmmmm....

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