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Cadbury Snaps - CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!

As in Pringle-shaped potato chips! I have just tried them this second! There are several flavours, and I got to try the hazlenut flavour. They come in a rounded long box, and in the box the 'chips' are nestled in plastic dividers.

On one side the ships have a criss-cross pattern which must be from the mould, and the other side was all bumpy with little cripsy crunchy lumps of hazlenut.

Yum factor : 7/10 - perhaps a bit bland, and would like to try some of the other flavours before making a decision

Wow factor : 11/10, I mean come on, chocolate chips!!!

But what are they? Are they chips, chocolates, or very thin biscuits masquerading as all of the above? I am confused...

EDIT : Link to more info on the Cadbury website!
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