Squibble! (doublehappy) wrote in sochocsoc,

The Memphis Meltdown Big Bikkies ice-cream - More is good. :0)

Better than I expected! For once, just like the advertisement, there really were big chunks of oreo cookie, that were distributed fairly evenly throughout the cookies 'n cream ice cream. But on to the important part : the chocolate coating, as with all Memphis Meltdowns was beautiful and thick, with really crispy pieces of chocolate cookie that made it extra special! I am really glad this ice cream lived up to my chocolate ice-cream expectations as it took approximately a three-week hunt all over the city, dairy after dairy to find the last place that hadn't sold out of them!

On a related note : The new Tip Top special edition gingerbread ice cream is also definitely worth trying. It goes very well with chocolate sauce!
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December 18 2006, 00:41:53 UTC 10 years ago

Hi, just a note about the Memphis Big Bikkies. Yes, it was good but I found that when you got to the bottom, it was mostly vanilla... Good first half but slightly disappointing second half. Vicky just said that the mix of vanilla ice cream and choc bikkies is inconsistent and varies with each serving. Keep trying people!
From Julia
Oh my Goodness... I just had this in New Zealand, where they are very popular.

Anyone know where they sell them here in the US?
Hi there!

Tip Top ice cream is a New Zealand company and according to this fact sheet ( http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Tip_Top_(icecream) ) they only export to Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Islands. So pop back down this way and see us again! :0)