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Very late posts!

...from sataniccamel Welcome! :0D

Well, when I say very late posts, I mean I was supposed to make these posts on her behalf several months ago and have been a bit swamped! However, here they are, and hopefully we will have more posts from sataniccamel soon! :0)

Chocolata :
Ima cafe on Shortland St (let me check) is a cool little trendy place filled
with yuppies. While the food is nice, I wouldn't recommend eating there as
a sandwiche (I had moroccan lamb in Turkish pide) for $8.50. And it was
pre-made. So no. Also, don't try the pre-packaged dessert. We tried the
berry and custard brioche. It was yuk. The pastry tasted uncooked and the
filling was very bland. No. BUT go there for the chocolata (sm $4.50,
large $5) which is a hot chocolate made with 72% chocolate. Not very sweet.
Also comes in mocha form. Best part - little bits of melted choc at the
bottom of the cup. Also, the owner guy (big guy with Eastern European
accent) was lovely and gave us the big cup for the price of a small one...

Lindt balls :
Comes in a variety of flavours - normal, white, mint,
hazelnut, dark (72%), mixture box and a special Christmas mixed box with
coffee, raspberry, orange, cinammon. Okay, the best way to eat these lovely
treats is, in my humble opinion, to let them sit in the sun for about 5min.
Then pop them in your mouth without biting. They then explode in a bang of
melted goodness. I like the dark chocolate ones the best, because they're
not too sweet. And as recent scientific reports suggest, dark chocolate is
actually very good for you! Which means, it's not just frivolous spending of
money on sweets, it's actually an investment for your coporeal future... Go

NB: Lindt reindeers are basically Lindt bunnies with a different outfit...
Good all the same.

Ricoccino :
Ricoccino has been well-advertised. On top of that, they were really hard
to find so when I finally tracked one down (in BP), I was very very happy.
There were many flavours to choose from - mocha, chocolate, coffee, caramel
etc. Kind of expensive at $3 a cup. I went with a mocha one and heated it
up in the uni microwave with great anticipation. Unfortunately, I was very
let down. Yes, it was frothy and creamy (froth took up about a quarter of
the cup). But the froth was salty. Yes, salty. According to my anonymous
ex-Fonterra friend (Ricoccino is a Fonterra product). The salt came from
the acidity stabilizer. So on top of the saltyness, when I got down to the
actual liquid bit, it did not taste like mocha. It tasted like very very
weak coffee. Basically, milk and sugar and a teaspoon of coffee....
Ricoccino is a no no!!!
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